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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vietnamese Coffee Jelly Dessert...easy

super easy, clean and tasty cool dessert for a summer party.

OR...just kick start your day,
maybe brighten a June gloom afternoon...

coffee jelly, or JELLO as we call it, is a popular dessert in Asia.  in Japan they serve it black, slightly sweetened in a cup...or sometimes offer it with ice cream or in milkshakes.  it's even served with student lunches in public schools.  this cute little easy dessert is Vietnamese inspired simply because it is a strong brewed coffee paired with a healthy spoonful of sweetened condensed milk.  my friend Cathy gave me some delicious coffee from her Mother's Pho restaurant (best Pho in Little Saigon) i thought i'd use that for this treat.  her preferred brand is Cafe La LLave.

Vietnamese coffee is usually very strong, brewed in a Phin Filter or can be made in a French press for larger quantity.  use a bold flavor...Cafe du Monde is popular with it's chicory flavor, but a nice French or Italian roast will do.  see my post on Vietnamese coffee HERE.

sweetened condensed milk...the most preferred Vietnamese brand would be the Longevity Gold Brand, but good old American Eagle Brand will be just fine.

NOTE about "jelly"...  quite often you will see jellys made with "agar agar", but i prefer the texture of good ol' jello.



1/2 cup cold strong coffee
1 1/4 cup very hot STRONG coffee
2 packet plain gelatin
sweeten or flavor coffee to your liking
put the gelatin into the 1/2 cup cold coffee, wait 5 minutes for gelatin to "bloom".  heat 1 1/4 cups strong coffee to almost boil and pour into cold mixture.  stir to completely dissolve/combine.  lightly, i say lightly spray a square or rectangle vessel of choice.  choose a vessel that will make it easy to cube.  refrigerate until firm and set....a few hours.
NOTE...these measurements (1 3/4 cups liquid) make a wiggly jello texture, but DOES cut into cubes.  i thought this ratio was a perfect texture for this particular dessert, but if you want it just a bit more firm, cut the liquid to 1 1/2 cups total.

cut the jello into 1/2 inch cubes, set aside 
1-2 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of cup
put cubes in cup with the condensed milk
whipped cream of choice for topping
cocoa powder for sprinkle
chocolate covered espresso beans to garnish the morning i like my "jelly treat" a little less sugary.  try a thick vanilla or chocolate protein shake with the coffee jelly cubes.  it's definitely not "Vietnamese" style...BUT it IS a quick fun protein  pick-me-up.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vietnamese Coffee...bold and sweet

it begins with a hefty dollop of sweetened (guilty pleasure) condensed milk..
then a 2T. pour...
and a 20 second wait...

followed by 190F degree pour
and a 4 minute drip...

a slight sweet stir...

and you have a delectable"Phin-filter" brewed, strong,  bold, yet smooth Vietnamese coffee with a sweet creamy finish from the thick sweetened milk.
some like to stir it in all the way and some like to leave a little at the bottom for a creamy sweet ending to a strong smooth brew.  anyway you prefer, it is a unique way to enjoy your everyday coffee in a whole different way...

served hot or cold this is my new favorite coffee.  maybe it's the ritual of the brewing...maybe it's the hunt for the best "Phin", the best grounds or the perfect brew...maybe it's just because...

this isn't your average joe.

i don't know if i will ever make it to Vietnam in this lifetime, but i can surely try to transport myself...

the Phin filters come in a few sizes and two styles with screw or gravity inserts.  i find the gravity insert to work better for the beginner.
of course you know i had to American-size it and get the biggest one i could find.  we (I) tend to SUPER-SIZE everything.
in this case, i find, the super-size just isn't as good.  it's not as bold or maybe i haven't mastered the large (screw insert) filter yet...but this funny little stainless steel contraption certainly makes a fine cuppa joe.

imagine a French press married an Italian "Moka" stove top espresso maker...had a baby and created a fabulous brew.
did i mention the clean up is 10x's easier?

i found mine (i own 4 ) at 99 Ranch Market in Tustin and Little Saigon, in Westminster, CA.  your best bet is a large Asian market or they are readily available on the internet...i couldn't wait.  i hunted this little treasure down with a vengeance.  the typical coffee would be a french press grind and i've read that a Chicory blend is most common, for instance the Cafe du Monde".  my favorite, so far is the Cafe Ong Tho French Roast.  you can use any dark roast, but it should be between a french press grind and a drip.

if you are interested in Phin brewed Vietnamese coffee please check ... step by step instructions.  I Need is a great "COFFEE WEBSITE" with loads of information and interesting stuff/gizmos.

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