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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Three Traditional Polish Recipes

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Knotweed Recipes

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Who would have thought that an invasive weed was so tasty? Well recent experimentation suggests Japanese knotweed is a tasty contender on the edible weed front and many top chefs in today's kitchen are now cooking up delicious recipes to serve to their customers.

As knotweed's taste is more commonly associated with that of rhubarb, it has a sensational sweet and delicious tang which makes puddings one of the top favourite recipes to make with the weed. One of the most common of these and easiest to make is the delectable Japanese knotweed crumble. Made from simple ingredients such as 50ml water, 100g caster sugar, 200g plain flour, 100g cold butter and 125g brown sugar, the combination of sweetness and softness from 500g's of Japanese knotweed plant, makes a wonderful desert after dinner.

Japanese knotweed crisp is also a popular quick and easy dish, similar to the crumble but much fruitier and slightly more mixed together. The recipe consists of 8 cups of Japanese knotweed pieces, 8 cups of strawberry pear and apple pieces mixed together with whole blueberries, 3 cups of oats, 3 teaspoons of vanilla, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 1/2 grade C maple syrup. The dish is absolutely delicious and makes the perfect summer snack or winter dessert, although Japanese knotweed tastes best when in season. To compliment the dish, many people introduce cream or ice cream as a side accompaniment, however the tastiest ice cream is homemade and the most complimentary is claimed to be the blueberry maple kind. To make the blueberry maple ice cream you will need two cans of coconut milk, a handful of blueberries, maple syrup and a few drops of vanilla.

However, Japanese knotweed doesn't just need to be used in delicious deserts. To make a healthy and warm winter lunch with the plant is very simple. The recipe simply consists of four cups of vegetable broth, three and a half cups of Japanese knotweed and one cup of tofu cream cheese, the rest involves mixing the ingredients together.

There is also a delicious summer dish which involves a delicious combination of 8 cups of Japanese knotweed stalks, 3 tbs tamari soy sauce, 1 tbs chilli paste, 6 cloves of garlic crushed (less if desired) and 6tbs of sesame seeds toasted. Mix together all the ingredients except the sesame seeds and use these to decorate the dish after it is cooked for 20 minutes.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sushi For Kids

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If youre are interested in teaching your kids about the Japanese culture, there are many great sushi recipes for kids that are fun to make at home. Many parents usually dont know at what age is best to feed their kids sushi. Japanese people probably have fed their youngsters sushi as they got old enough to being able and eat rice. There are certain risk you have to avoid before feeding your kids raw fish as it may cause them to choke when taking a bite. The age of 8 is usually the best recommended. Enough said, below I will show everyone a good and simple way to make fish free sushi rolls as a healthy meal for your kids.

The Ingredients Needed:

First you will need 3 cups of sushi rice or you could also use short grain rice. Don't use instant or converted rice.

For your second ingredient you will need 3 cups of water.

Third ingredient needed are 3 tablespoons of sushi vinegar.

Fourth ingredient needed is 1 package of nori sheets roasted or cooked. (make sure they aren't raw).

Next ingredient is 1 bunch of asparagus.

Last ingredient you will need is 1 bag of small carrots or wasabi paste.

How To Cook

Before you let your kids help you prepare the sushi rolls, make sure the children are old enough to handle sharp knifes. As you might notice, this recipe contains asparagus and other types of vegetables. You might need to cut more pieces that are a little harder to cut. As of asparagus dont really need slicing that much. This recipe is great to teach your kids how to cut vegetables and make sushi rolls with rice. The first thing your kids need to do is have 2 cups of rice sushi measured into a large bowl. Before you continue, you need to make sure the rice is rinse. Then stir it in cold water, with carefulness pour off the cloudy, fill with water and repeat about 3 times on the rest. Grab a colander and drain for 30 minutes. While your rice is draining and being cooked, you could also make the kids prepare small piles for sushi assembly. Have a bowl of water on the side to wet your hands while you spread the rice. If you decide to use wasabi, make sure to put spoonfuls in a bowl for an easier use. It is important to let your kids know how spicy wasabi sauce is. You can cut the sheet of nori in half sizes and store them in a large Ziploc bag for it to get moist.

This fun and exciting way to make sushi with your kids will make you create unforgettable moments. This recipe is a great way to teach kids of all ages to learn and make sushi.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Local Bartenders Could Be A Valuable Resource For Mixed Drink Recipes

Local Bartenders Could Be A Valuable Resource For Mixed Drink RecipesThere are many different people who have varied drinking tastes. Some of these people like to have their drinks neat - without anything added to the original drink. There are others who like drinking cocktails or shots. There are still others who love to drink mixed drinks. For all of these people - other than the neat drinkers - many of these drinks require some types of steps to be followed for the drink to look like it should and taste like it should. Therefore for all of these including the mixed drink recipes need to be followed.

Now some of these mixed drink recipes are very simple. Others tend to be a little bit more complicated. Regardless of the level of complexity you do need to follow the steps otherwise you can end up with another type of mixed drink. There is also a chance that your mixed drink may not taste as delicious as you want it.

There are many ways that you can see the various mixed drink recipes. They can be taken from drink recipe books, the internet and even from your local bartender. Now if you know what the various mixed drinks are it makes it much easier for you to select the mixed drink recipes that you would like to read and try making.

For the many people who just love how a certain type of drink tastes like but they really can't remember the whole name it is sometimes possible to find those mixed drink recipes if you can identify at least one or two of the ingredients that are in the mixed drink. Now don't worry if this is out of your reach also. Your local bartender should be able to help you with this problem if you can supply them with a small description of the drink or even part of the name.

Since some people like to make their mixed drinks at home, you can use various mixed drink recipe books to help you with this task. The internet with its vast store of information and knowledge is another place where you can quickly find thousands of mixed drink recipes. All that you need to do is to select the ones that you want, save the recipe and you're on your way.

In the world of alcoholic drinks you can find many great mixed drink recipes. These are all ready for you to take and create your favorite drink. You can even use these mixed drink recipes to invent completely new alcoholic drinks and enjoy the satisfaction of having your own personal mixed drink. Don't forget to write this fantastic mixed drink recipe down so that you will be able to have future drinks like this at a later date.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Homemade Carp Bait Recipes And Secrets Of Salts To Improve All Your Fishing Baits!

Homemade Carp BaitWhy do carp like salt? How and why does using salt, and substances rich in mineral salts improve your catches? I have fished in rivers where the saline conditions mean that bass, flounder as well as carp and eels all thrive to the surprise of many anglers. There is far more to carp and their needs, their reactions and feeding responses to salts in all forms of baits (including boilies and pastes!) Here are many expert answers plus exciting suggestions that will make you think and catch you more fish!

Salts are highly attractive to carp; they are highly ionic, so attract water. For example one example of this property is when you leave salt in air and it cakes. This entire point is extremely significant to optimised bait function!

Most people think of common table salt as salt, but there are many forms and combinations that we can exploit to catch more fish! (Note that chlorine for example is highly reactive; think hard about this point because making baits reactive is highly beneficial to your results!) Sodium and chloride ions are required by all known life in minimal qualities, so instinctively carp are drawn to salty substances.

Technically I'm not sure you term them feeding triggers, as much as they are incitants and bait enhancers in many ways, but they are a powerful signal when in solution in water; inducing much further investigation by fish that's for sure! For example, a fishmeal and marine spod mix is certainly boosted by additional salts and salty substances (compared to adding none.) In my experience fish tend to feed in a more measured more leisurely prolonged mode with added salts, in contrast to certain other additives which can lead to a frenzy of short-lived extremely hard feeding. Of course both approaches can be utilized, and combined together.

Throw lumps of rock salt in the water and carp are sure to investigate. Remember that natural river and lake waters are composed of dissolved minerals, including salts. Some of these essential minerals are even absorbed directly into fish via their skin. Minerals range from pure elements to simple salts etc, and carp respond to endless forms of them for many wide ranging reasons, not merely connected with essential nutritional requirements

Notice the different taste of table salt compared to sea salt or rock salt. I am certainly not suggesting our taste, smell or perceptions of palatability and depth and richness of profile etc is identical to carp (different brain and nervous wiring and conjunctions etc but you'll notice quite a significant difference! Rock and sea salt is far richer due to the range of minerals and traces etc it contains; and is far more palatable to carp and far more potent as an enhancer in baits! It's another reason I avoid using refined table salt, although if I have nothing else I use it in ground baits for instance, but it means the bait will be under-optimised!

Most rock salt products are derived from dry deposits of ancient seas that dried up, but the funny thing is that the underlying bedrock of lakes, even clay lining lakes that hold the water, are mineral rich and influence the potential of life and growth rates of particular carp waters. I find Rainbow Lake in France fascinating not merely for the range of carp strains stocked and their phenomenal growth rates, but wonder if the carbon naturally in the underlying lake bed is a significant factor too, combined with the silicate (mineral), sandy nature of the lake bed; I'm sure it all connects.

In a funny kind of way it is ironic that the calcium and phosphate that fish absorb through their skin in solution in water, (and consume in their foods) has ended up in their water due to ancient animals biomineralising (producing minerals biologically,) to produce hard structures. For example chitin in shells of mollusks and crustaceans for instance; which when they die then form phosphate and carbonate salts of calcium, deposits laid down under ancient sea beds over eons, so forming carbonate base rock like chalk and limestone rocks beneath or surrounding lakes and rivers etc.

Eventually these minerals are transferred into lake water by natural processes over time, and then they become part of fish. For example the vital collagen connective tissues and bones etc! Everything is connected; fish and humans really are what we eat! (And of course ultimately, ancient teleost fish of which modern carp are part are our long-lost ancestors so we share many common processes and features that we can exploit, that we can relate to our own food to use within our fishing baits, to make catching carp easier!)

On a different note, dissolved minerals, salts in solution (in water) mean that carp are swimming within an electricity-conducting electrolyte. This is very significant indeed because for one thing, the power of many bait substances can be enhanced by exploiting natural carp sensitivities to minerals and mineral salts, either in supplemental forms or as intrinsic parts of natural foods.

We well know that carp are seriously stimulated by pre-digested or hydrolysed ingredients and additives in dry or liquid forms of many kinds containing many salts forms in the chemical reactions involved. It is my belief that because carp are so sensitive to subtle electrical fields, that this is all part of the impacts of baits that can further be manipulated and exploited, and use of salts can obviously a part of this approach to make baits far more easily detected. It might be suggested that you can make your baits more of a noticeable highly subtle electrical energy battery. Personally I am certain that carp detect fields around the area of baits which are far from limited to merely conventional electric or electromagnetic energies.

Carp certainly are just as sensitive and curious to differences in within the water that they detect as to instinctively responding to any arbitrary nutritional signals. For example, a localized change in salinity might well be good cause for investigation, besides the presence of any particular concentrated substance issuing forth from your baits. Of course, fish meal and other marine based baits, predigested additive-rich baits for example can be rich in salts and be significantly salty, intrinsically enhancing and improving bait performance. However, these things can be boosted in many ways using salts and salty substances and their special reactions with a range of bait substances.

I think the reaction between salts and for example alcohol flavours, organic acids, and other things like citric acid, or acetic acid in vinegar (the fermentation of ethanol is used to produce vinegar), and many various other examples, are all highly important reactions within baits and in solution in regards to salts. I'm sure such things are very significant in terms of us being able to on purpose create heightened impacts at carp receptor sites in sensory zones, such as the skin, throat, barbels, lips, palatial area inside the mouth etc that make carp even more enthusiastic for our fishing baits!

Certain saturated carboxylic acids are certainly some of the secret components in more than just a few highly successful commercial bait company products. Anyway you can get an idea here of the fact that experimenting with salts, salty substances and flavours for instance can really pay off big-time in enhancing your catch results!

Do not forget that any boilie base mix can be adapted for use as the base for a specialised ground bait mix, a spod or stick mix, or even used to impart properties and additional stimulation when preparing hemp and sweetcorn and tiger nuts and luncheon meat etc. I am always looking for more information about salts, even in dog and cat food in soft and hard foods.

The presence of additional salt added in the manufacture of Marmite is intriguing as are the salts in yeasts in many formats and formats, including within the classic carp bait additive Phillips Yeast Mixture. Phillips Yeast Mixtures and also very many liquid tonics and so on and other powder or crystalline substances used to improve pet bird, dog and cat health can be exceptionally rich in stimulatory mineral salts etc and for years I have done loads of research on this whole area of bait substances for inclusion in my ebooks.

Salt-rich additives and ingredients are incredibly potent for catching carp and work synergistically (in combination) with other material you have within your baits, from the carbohydrate and protein ingredients in your baits, to liquid foods, flavours and even other enhancers and sweeteners. Thinking about it, for what purposes are salty things like Belachan, yeast extract and soy sauce used for when added to other foods? Enhancing and enriching the sensory impacts and duration of impacts of foods; salty substances are extremely well proven to improve palatability. Carp baits and human foods can be improved by the use of salty substances and salt-related reactions of many kinds.

Include squid extract containing bile salts for example, fermented shrimp powder, other fermented products including miso and soy sauce, other fermented protein-rich materials such as Belachan, yeast extract, seaweeds like kelp products in powder, granules and liquid complexes. This enhancer does not upset insulin release unlike MSG which is harmful in many ways including internal bleeding on a cellular level in the brain.

Many people feel ill after consuming MSG, and indeed it is the reason for the so called Chinese restaurant syndrome. Yet such is the degree of MSG-producing company cover ups about its true impacts, that few anglers know it is harmful. While chatting with Frank Warwick recently about enhancers etc even he did not appear to realise this at that point in time. Pure MSG is vastly different to naturally-occurring glutamate that carp and humans naturally consume with no harmful side effects!

There has over the years been a gigantic effort by MSG manufacturers including Anjinomoto to not only sell the idea of the fifth taste but to get people to accept MSG and even promote it as a good thing! The result is that now as people are becoming more aware that MSG is a harmful substance food manufacturers are not putting MSG on the ingredients list and use other words and misleading and vague terms including glutamate, or vegetable extract, yeast extract Many alternative taste enhancers are available that do not harm carp! I might add that sea weeds and tomato puree are rich in umami taste components.

The tastes you can exploit in your baits include sweet, sour, bitter and salty as well as savouryness (or umami.) Very many carp baits are bitter yet successful; lots of more acidic concentrated flavours make baits taste bitter. Personally speaking I have had great success with many new unique homemade bait recipes that to me have tasted really bitter, or surprisingly sour.

I used to have the group mentality that appears to promote sweeter or perhaps more salty or savoury tastes of baits I make, but no matter what the taste of a bait is to me (and whether I personally like it or not,) it does not stop fish repeatedly enthusiastically consuming baits I may or may not like!

Carp consume forms of algae as it such an incredibly rich digestible a basic food for survival. But if you have ever taken different forms of algae as a health supplement you will know it is not exactly pleasant to humans and I find it unpalatable and avoid trying to taste it at all!

The fact is that carp nerves are wired up differently to humans; their receptor proteins and receptor site adaptations, degrees of sensitivities and nerve connections with their brains from skin, gut wall, fin face, lateral line etc all differ in very many respects to humans! For an angler to state that carp do not like bitter baits is not especially helpful as this is a confusion of many things on many levels. Even the question of the actual degree of taste of a bait as a whole tasted in the mouth in human alkaline solution, compared to carp tasting bait in solution in neutral or acidic water makes things less clear!

Carp are very sensitive to salinity (salt or mineral salt) changes in solution in the water surrounding them. This is incredibly powerful advantage because like humans, fish need to maintain a certain equilibrium of liquid pressures within their body cells to stay alive and function healthily - note the famous feeding trigger betaine (there are various forms,) is vitally intrinsic in this role too! (You may have heard about isotonic baits...) Being sensitive to salts allows fish such as carp to discern many opportunities and threats in the water. For one thing, although carp can survive in brackish water their sensitivity alerts them to moving into water that is too salty for their bodies to handle. That's one reason why carp are not roaming the seas!

Note that natural calcium chloride is the predominant component of familiar table salt, is essential to carp, but and this is really important, you will do better by supplying carp with fine or coarse sea or rock salt instead, as this supplies a potently stimulating wealth of vital minerals and traces which will turn carp on and raise the nutritional value and attraction of your baits.

I personally highly recommend using coarse crunchy kelp, and fine seaweed powder, plus coarse and fine sea salt for example, together. With salts you only need minimal amounts to make a difference, and use of salts is not strictly limited to adding salt to boilie, stick or other mixes and of course endless carp baits can be enhanced using many sources of salts. Crushed Himalayan rock salt has very highly significant unique properties but there are far more sources of potent salts than just this and sea and other rock salts.

Do not ignore the fact that salts are involved in digestion; this is a very important aspect of baits I know most anglers have yet to really understand and harness within baits. I do not consider that adding salts to baits is the optimum way to exploit salts and in fact having salts being deliberately actively created within baits dynamically through various processes is far more potent, but these are secrets I do not give away for free!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Easy Recipes for Football Night Favorites

Easy Recipes for Football Night FavoritesDo you (or your husband) often host football nights with friends? Maybe you don't have guests over, but simply enjoy making "family time" out of the occasional football game. What better to complete a game night than the traditional football snacks that no game should be without? This article features a few recipes for some excellent and easy to prepare snacks that make a great addition to any family's football night menu. Read on!


1 bag tortilla chips
1 lb ground beef
Velveeta cheese
1/2 cup milk
Rotel (or your favorite salsa)
refried beans
finely chopped onions (optional)
jalapenos (optional)
1 packet taco seasoning

Chop the Velveeta into cubes and put in a slow cooker set between low and medium heat. When it starts to melt, add the milk and stir thoroughly. While the cheese heats, cook the beef in a skillet and add taco seasoning packet. Remove from heat. Add the rotel or salsa to the Velveeta and stir well. Arrange tortilla chips on a plate, top with cheese, beef, refried beans, onions, and jalapenos. 'Chow down!

Chicken Soft Tacos

2 cups shredded cooked chicken
12 flour tortillas
2 cups shredded lettuce
1/2 cup diced tomatoes
1/2 cup sour cream
1 cup shredded cheese
1/2 cup salsa

Heat the tortillas to soften them. In the center of the tortilla add chicken, salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream. Salt and pepper if desired.

Slow Cooker Meatballs

3 lbs frozen meatballs
1 pouch onion soup mix
3 cloves of minced garlic
2 packets brown gravy, prepared
1/8 teaspoon pepper
3 tablespoon water

Turn the slow cooker on to a low heat. Add meatballs, gravy, onion soup mix, garlic, pepper, and water, then stir together. Let the mixture cook for about five hours.

Swedish Nuts

1 lb pecans
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs (whites only)
pinch of salt

In a bowl, beat the egg whites and salt together. Slowly add in the sugar while you beat the eggs until the mixture takes on a meringue form. Fold in the nuts, fully coating them in the meringue mixture. Melt the butter in a baking pan and spread the nuts over the butter. Bake at 325 degrees F for about half an hour. Be sure to stir the nuts every 10 minutes or so. Allow the nuts to cool, then store in an air-tight container or Ziploc bag.

I certainly hope you find one (or all) of these recipes to be a big hit with your guests or family members. Happy game night!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Easy and Delicious Dinner Recipes for Backpacking

Easy and Delicious Dinner Recipes for BackpackingAs you already know if you've read our other easy backpacking recipes, it is very important to eat nutritiously and drink plenty of water while backpacking. We've already mentioned a few meal ideas for breakfast and lunch, as well as a few energizing backpacking snack suggestions.

Dinner is the backpacking meal that most backpackers settle down and truly enjoy. Once you have set camp for the evening and settled in, a hot and hearty meal will revitalize your body and get you prepared for another day of active hiking.

Backpacker's Sushi
Cook 1 cup instant rice with boiling water.
Cut nori (seaweed rollers for sushi found at international grocers or sections) into quarters
Place a spoonful of rice on the nori and add a spoonful of tuna from foil packet
Roll the sushi and dip in wasabi, horseradish, or soy sauce (take-out packets)

Seafood Pasta
Cook 1/2 package pasta (fettuccini, tortellini, etc)
Heat a little bit of olive oil, salt, and garlic with salmon or tuna (foil package)
Toss with parmesan cheese and enjoy!
Variation: chicken (canned) and sundried tomatoes

Just Add Water Backpacking Feast
In a small sandwich bag combine:
3/4 cup instant potatoes
3/4 cup dry stuffing
Dried cranberries
Beef or turkey jerky pieces
Powdered gravy mix
At camp, stir in boiling water and let stand before eating.

Country Chicken and Rice
Combine 1 cup instant rice with 1 1/2 cups boiling water
Stir in one packet onion soup mix
Add 1 small can of chicken
Stir until warm

Fiesta Trail Chicken
In a small sandwich bag combine:
1 cup instant rice
1 packet tomato soup mix
Spices (chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, etc.)
At camp, add 1 1/2 cups boiling water to dry ingredients and stir in a small can of chicken.

Other dinner ideas include:
Small canned hams that require no refrigeration
Fresh vegetables for first night dinners (broccoli, corn on the cob, green beans, etc.)
Soup cups
Canned foods (ravioli, Spam, beanie weenies, beef stew, etc.)

Salty foods are good for replenishing your body to avoid dehydration. Eat foods that are high in calories and protein. If you packed canned foods, look for products with easy open lids. Otherwise, remember to pack a can opener, like the versatile Leatherman Juice S2 Multi-tool.

The most energizing and replenishing snacks for the trail is gorp, or modern versions of trail mix. Try these gorp recipes for variety.

Chocolate Lover's Gorp
2/3 cup dried apricots
2/3 cup dried cherries
2/3 cup dried blueberries
2/3 cup almonds
2/3 cup peanuts
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 cup dark chocolate chips

The Trail is on Fire Gorp
Heat 2 tbsp oil in a skillet
Brown 2 cups puffed rice cereal and 2 cups raisin bran, stirring constantly
Spread the cereal on a baking sheet and cook at 250 for 30 minutes.
Toss cooled cereal with:
1/2 cup Spanish peanuts
1/2 cup cashews
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup dried dates
1/4 cup dried jalapeo slices
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp cumin
2 Tbsp sugar

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Different Kinds Of Microwave Cake Recipes

Different Kinds Of Microwave Cake RecipesBreak up the Oreo cookies into bite sites pieces and add them to the cake mixture.

Spray the microwave container with the non-spray.

Pour the cake batter into the container and cover it.

Bake in the microwave for fifteen minutes. Cooking times can vary depending on your microwave.

After your cake is done cooking, let it stand in your microwave for three minutes.

Remove from microwave and invert onto a plate.

Remove the lid off of your frosting. Remove the foil off your frosting as well. Please container of frosting with both lid and seal removed for approximately one minute. Pour frosting slowly and evening over your cake.

Place cake in Frig to cool. Serve as is or with your favorite ice cream.

Easy Cake

Box of cake mix, any flavor

Regular size can of pie filling, any flavor

3 eggs

Non-stick Spray

Mix the ingredients together well. Pour in a microwave container spray with non-stick spray. Cook 8 to 12 minutes, depending on your microwave. Let stand 2 to 3 minutes and serve.

Cinnamon and Sugar Coffee Cake

One box of yellow cake mix

Ingredients listed on the box

Sugar for Sprinkle topping

Cinnamon-Vanilla Seasoning

Mix box of cake mix according to the instructions on the box. Spray a microwave container and pour batter into container. Sprinkle the top with a mixture of sugar and Cinnamon/Vanilla seasoning.

Microwave for approximately ten minutes. Let stand in microwave for two minutes.

I hope you enjoy these three recipes and that they help you see just how easy it is to bake a cake in your microwave.

For more recipe ideas visit A Website for the Modern Woman.

To purchase high quality microwave cookware visited Donna's Tupperware website.

To learn about blood lily and blackberry lily, visit the Types Of Lilies website.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Chocolate Fondue - Two Delicious Recipes

Chocolate Fondue - Two Delicious RecipesAre you an old pro when it comes to making delicious desserts? Do your guests rave about your cakes and pies? The next time you have company over for dessert, why not try something different. Chocolate fondue has been in and out of fashion since the seventies and most people have tried it at least once. But if you want to try something new and exciting There are many different dessert fondues out there to satisfy just about anyone with a sweet tooth.

Recently dark chocolate has been in the news being declared as a new heart healthy food. Dark chocolate retains more flavonoids that other varieties of chocolate such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa or chocolate syrup. New research has also determined that eating a diet high in flavonoids helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Obviously this doesn't mean that you should run to the store to buy some candy bars. But it does mean that when eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can be a healthy choice as a dessert.

And whether is good for you or not, who can resist a fondue pot of hot melted chocolate just waiting for your to dip something into it. What better way to enjoy strawberries, bananas and other ripe fruits. But don't stop there. Be sure to try dunking some salty treats into the chocolate such as pretzels and potato chips. Mixing sweet and salty foods creates a unique flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

So not only is chocolate delicious, but it is now considered a heart healthy food as well. Those are some excellent reasons to add a few chocolate fondue recipes to your recipe book. Why not try one of these chocolate fondue recipes tonight?

Dark Chocolate Fondue
12 ounces Premium Dark Chocolate (chopped)
3/4 cup Whipping Cream
2 teaspoons Kahlua or other coffee liqueur (optional)

Over low flame, heat whipping cream until warm (DO NOT BOIL)
Slowly add the chopped dark chocolate while stirring
Stir until the mixture becomes smooth
Stir in liqueur
To Dip:
Strawberries, Bananas, Sliced Apple, Cubes of Pound Cake, Cubes of Angel Food Cake, Pretzel Sticks, Chunks of Pineapple, Marshmallows, Potato Chips

Mint Chocolate Fondue
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
2 tablespoons Peppermint Liqueur
8 ounces Semisweet Chocolate

Warm the heavy cream over medium low heat
Add liqueur
Grate the chocolate or break into small pieces and slowly add to mixture while stirring
Stir until the chocolate is melted

To Dip:
Candied Fruit, Pears, Peach Slices, Cubes of Pound Cake, Cubes of Angel Food Cake

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Delicious And Healthy Waffle Maker Recipes

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5 Amazing Healthy Dessert Recipes by Crumbs Blog

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If you are currently on a diet it would be safe to say you should turn back now or risk breaking your diet for these amazing and delectable Crumbs food recipes youll be dying to try. Theres nothing like indulging in sweet decadence with every bite and trust us, you will love the amazing must try desserts on this list. Dont say we did not warn you!

Going Vegan

Still reading? Good! These Crumbs recipes Restaurant in Kuwait is known for are actually on the healthier side of indulgence because theyre all vegan, but trust us they are still as delicious as their non-vegan counterparts. Plus, you dont have to feel too bad about eating a few bites of dessert when theyre vegan!

1. Vegan Ragina

Ragina or a traditional date dessert is usually made using butter and wheat flour, but simply replace the first ingredients with coconut oil and oat flour and youll have a healthier and vegan approved version of the traditional Ragina.

All you will find in this yummy dessert are fresh dates, out flour, coconut oil, cardamom powder, the optional walnuts for the crunch, and if you want some more sweetness, add some rahash or halwa there too. Yes, thats all!

2. Vegan Chocolate Ganache

Dates not really your thing? Its okay, you also have a vegan chocolate option for all those chocolate lovers who want to stay on their vegan diet.

Making a ganache can bring life to your cakes, cookies, ice cream, and anything you want to drizzle it on. Plus, its really easy to do but so irresistible that it is often used in Crumbs food recipes. And you only three ingredients: coconut milk, 70% or higher dark chocolate, and the optional maple syrup sweetener!

3. Healthy Magic Bars

Ever want to indulge in a Rice Krispies bar but worried about the sugar and other additives. No need to worry, one of Crumbs recipes, a restaurant in Kuwait, uses is the healthier alternative you can easily make at home.

You will need vegan digestive biscuit crumbs, melted coconut oil, chopped and toasted walnuts, dark chocolate chips, toasted, desiccated coconut, and coconut condensed milk which you will need to make on your own. There are instructions on how to make your own coconut condensed milk on the Internet!

4. Date Tahini Coconut Fudge

Who would have thought that fudge could be healthy? This vegan recipe is all about healthy. It is grain-free, dairy-free, and doesnt have refined sugar!

All you need are raw cashews, coconut oil, condensed coconut milk, dates, Tahini, toasted sesame seeds, melted dark chocolate, and a pinch of salt. You can easily make this delicious yet healthy fudge bar at home!

5. Healthy Nutella

Who has not dreamed of eating a whole jar of Nutella? The sweet cocoa and hazelnut goodness is a treat, but also contains a lot of sugar. Here is all you need to make your very own version at home thats healthier and based off one Crumbs food recipes:

Toasted hazel nuts, maple syrup, coconut sugar, cocoa power, warm water, and a pinch of all, yes thats all it takes to make your very own healthy Nutella!

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Crumbs Blog posts regular Food recipes, Dessert recipes, Breakfast recipes that are healthy, fits your taste, and keeps you coming back for more Crumbs Food recipes Blog

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Beef Bone Broth


it's been thrown around as a "SUPER FOOD", but it's nothing new.  really, it's just homemade broth like my grandmother made.  she would often forget the bones simmering away on the stove.  little did she know she was extracting all the healthy nutrients found in those bones...
good broth can be made in a few hours, 

but...this COOKS FOR 2 DAYS !
it's worth it. 

the health benefits?...there are plenty.  i won't list them all. there is plenty of information out there...
i am not a nutritionist, but i DO know this is just good ol' school  

IMPORTANT NOTE... since this post i have found some great info on the subject that changed my broth method... Most importantly to add the vegetables in the last few hours to avoid a possible "burnt" flavor.  
Please read Stupid Easy Paleo.  "Bone Broth 101". Ryan Harvey, from "Bare Bones Broth Co.", is the guest post-er with a wealth of information... also, be sure to read the comments.

the finished product should be like beef "umami"broth.  no distinct flavor,  just delicate, viscous,  smooth, unassuming and dee-licious.  fabulous on it's own OR...use as a blank canvas.
flavor as you see fit.  i chose to freeze half, unseasoned. and throw some demi glace and tarragon in the other half.  i also used some for a "faux-BONE-PHO"...flavoring with star anise, clove, ginger, cinnamon etc...

FYI...grandma didn't have to worry about "organic" and "pasture-raised", but YOU DO!
 i did the best i could.
choose organic, hormone free, natural raised beef and chicken parts.   chicken feet and necks are a must.  they give great viscosity to the broth.

OXTAILS...good choice, i love 'em.
i removed the meat when it was good and tender to eat, then threw the bones back in.

put all your meats and bones into a big roasting pan.  i drizzled a little organic olive oil over everything.  380-390 F.  probably will take about an hour to get good and brown.  give them a check and turn things over half way through.

use all beef with some chicken parts (feet, necks and backs)
i can not tell you how many pounds of each or the total amount here, but the visual is photo above.

brown everything in 390 F oven for about an hour...check on them and give them a turn or two.
when finished put into large stock pot
BUT WAIT !...don't forget to deglaze the roasting pan.  you don't want to miss out on all that caramelized goodness
AND... add a few Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
bring to a boil, then turn down to a very low simmer.
24-48 hours.  mine was about 40 hours.
NOTE...i turned mine off during the night and left the lid slightly ajar.  when i woke up, it was still VERY warm.  then bring it back to a boil and down to a simmer again.
NOTE...i am NOT the food safety police.  you do what you feel comfortable with.

Vegetables/herbs go in the last 4-6 hours
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 large onion
5-6 smashed garlic cloves
sprigs of thyme and/or other herbs of choice 

strain liquid into another big pot.
don't toss the bones just yet.
you should to do a "BONE WASH".
there is still good stuff in there.  add a little (few cups at first) to the bones and left-overs.  swirl the water around to wash the bones.  now, strain this liquid into the pot with the broth. don't worry if it looks or tastes watery, you can reduce for extra flavor.

i used cheese cloth for the 3rd and 4th straining, but a regular strainer or colander is best for the first strain and bone-wash strain.

i poured broth into tall soup containers so it would cool faster.
let come to room temp so the fat will separate.
now put in the fridge for a few hours or over night so the fat cap will get solid for easy removal.
throw it in the freezer if not using within the week.
but...if you are ready to consume remove fat cap
(save fat cap for cooking.  great flavor and full of nutrients)
put all gelatinous yummy broth into a pot and reheat to a boil.
simmer for a while if you need to reduce.
always season the finished product
i like to enjoy a cup a day so i might season each serving a little different...
salt, pepper, "flavorgod everything"
tarragon is a favorite
try soy and star anise
or a sprig of rosemary
maybe garlic blend and pinch of chipotle....


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Young Sweet Coconut...It's so good for you

so refreshing...
so beautiful...
so delicious !!!

dice it up and add to fresh coco water or any drink and make a

add fresh fruit and drink straight from the NUT !

there's a load of information on the web about the health benefits so i won't bore you with the details but GOOGLE...check HERE for the  benefits of young coconut meat...  and HERE for some some nutritional facts i found at

but how do you get into this huge NUT !!!
1st...carve off the top with a big knife.  don't use your best knife.  i bought this cleaver at an Asian market for about 15.00$.  be's a bit awkward, but it's a lot easier than you think.  usually i put a kitchen towel underneath to cuddle and steady the coconut, but not this time.

carve down to the hard part.  you should end up with the top looking something like this.

go around the edge between what you have carved off (the hard shell part) and the white outer skin/hull.  whack a few times around to "score" the hole/lid.  
THE SWEET's odd, but there is one area you will find that the corner of the knife will poke through.  give it a few hard taps to create a crack or hole. pour some coconut water out so you don't spill it all over when prying the top off..
you can now empty all the liquid...OR...just be very careful when prying lid off.

you should get about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of delicious sweet coconut water that is far superior to the store bought you've seen in the carton or can.
there might be little splinters so you should strain the water through cheese cloth.

using the butt of the knife stuck into the sweet spot, pry the lid off.  it should pop open as shown on the photo.  

getting to the meat of the matter...
then with a large spoon, scrape the soft jelly-like coconut meat out and store in your strained coconut water. OR JUST EAT IT !  you should be able to dice the thick part for your drinks.  
the young coconut meat has a very interesting texture unlike any crunchy, crisp coconut you are used to.  it's soft and pliable...almost gelatinous if really young.  you never know what kind you'll get, soft or firm, but it's delicious pure coconut goodness.
fabulous add to food and really fun in drinks.

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